No resource found that matches the given name android:Widget.Material.ActionButton in appcompat-v7 library file

To resolve this issue in appcompat-v7 library ,follow below steps:
1.Right Click on appcompat_v7 library and select Properties
2.Now, Click on Android Option, Set Project Build Target as Android 5.0 (API level 21)/Android 5.0.1 and click on Apply Changes.
3.Now go to file under appcompat_v7 library,
4.Set the project target as : target=android-21 ,and if it is available bydefault then no need to change.
5.Now Clean + Build appcompat_v7 library and your projects.

After all this, Make sure the value for target (which tells the target android version) in file of both your project folder and appcompat_v7 folder is same (preferably the latest).
: inside 'your_project'/
target=android-21 android.library.reference.1=../appcompat_v7
: inside appcompat_v7/
target=android-21 android.library=true
and after this don't forget to clean your project .


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