Connect real Device to Eclipse and run application in real Device

for resolving the problem just 7 steps are required,and these all are mandatory only for first time:
  1. Connect your android phone with the pc on which you are running eclipse/your map project.
  2. Let it install all the necessary drivers.. When done, open your smart phone,                                       First you need to enable USB debugging on your phone, then connect it to your computer via USB. Then eclipse should automatically start debugging on your phone instead of the AVD.                                                                                                                                                                    for doing all this go to: Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging and enable it on by clicking on the check button at the right side.
Debugging checkbox
  1. Also, enable Settings > Unknowresoures
  2. Come back to eclipse on your pc. Right click on the project/application, Run As > Run configurations... >Choose Device>Target Select your device Run.
  3. Click on the Target tab from top. By default it is on the first tab Android
  4. Choose the second radio button which says Launch on all compatible deivces/AVDs. Then clickApply at the bottom and afterwards, click Run.
  5. Here you go, it will automatically install your application's .apk file into your smart phone and make it run over it., just like on emulator.

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