How to Extract apk file (or) Decompile apk file (or) Re- engineering the apk (or) How to get Source code from apk file in Android.

è To extract the apk file we can use below procedures :

this online link will help to extract the apk and generate files like : java files and resource files from your apk,but code inside xml file was not existed in all xml files. some xml files having blank content and some files having different spam symbols. For solving this problem and generating all resource files properly you need to go with “procedure-b(below procedure)” .

b)      Download latest apktool from the website of :
è Extract that downloaded zip file (apktool) and open command prompt and go to the path up to apktool.zar existed location inside that extracted file. And in my case path like:
C:\Users\Pavan Tilak\Downloads\Apktool JB 4.2.2_Signed_By Rizal Lovins Sundanesse

è Copy apk file that you want to extract into above path: in my case I want to extract “CorpApp_1.0.apk” file.

è Now in command prompt execute below command to get resource files of that apk file:

C:\Users\Pavan Tilak\Downloads\Apktool JB 4.2.2_Signed_By Rizal Lovins Sundanesse>apktool   d  CorpApp_1.0.apk(Enter)

è Then it extracts the apk file and generates the resource files properly. For details see above command prompt image.

Some other links which will help for Apk re-engineering:


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